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BANK 50 GRAMS TOBACCO (5x50g Pack)

BANK 50 GRAMS TOBACCO (5x50g Pack)
Bank 50 gram tobacco
Roll Your Own (RYO) Tobacco
Ready Rubbed
250 Grams Tobacco Total
SKU SKU20692
Weight 0.28 kg
CARTON SIZE: 5 Pouches Of 50 Grams
MADE IN: Holland
MADE BY Imperial Tobacco Australia
HEALTH WARNING Smoking Causes Peripheral Vascular Disease
QUIT LINE: Quit Line
NOTE From 1 December 2012 all tobacco products manufactured and supplied in Australia are required to comply with new plain packaging legislation and to include new health warnings and associated images. As a result of these legislative requirements the actual packaging of tobacco products supplied by us may look different to products advertised on this website.
Market price: AUD 135.25
Our price: AUD 59.90 (EUR40.10)